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Saesee Tiin's
  • MANUFACTURER : Kuat Systems Engineering
  • FUNCTION : Light Interceptor Starfighter
  • CREW : Saesee Tiin
  • SIZE : 8 Meter Long
  • WEAPONS : Laser Cannons
  • AFFILIATION : Jedi Order
  • INFO : Saesee Tiin was a phenomenal pilot, even for a Jedi. His Keen understanding of spacefight gave him the ability to navigate without computer assistance, even at transluminal velocity. In addition, his innate telepathic abilities made him a terrifying opponent to sentient pilots, whose actions and intentions he easily predicted. He was deeply interested in flight technology, and encouraged Anakin Skywalker's tinkering with his Jedi Starfighter. Saesee Tiin even saw to it that many of Skywalker's innovations were included in the upgraded Actis-2 starfighters.
Star Wars Titanium Series

  • ROLE : Aggressive Reconnaissance Fighter
  • MODEL : ARC - 170
  • CREW : Two Pilot, One Gunner Plus Droid
  • WEAPONS : Cannons, Proton Torpedoes
  • AFFILIATION : Republic
  • INFO : Clone Troopers fly this bomber-type into battle for combat and reconnaissance. During the Clone Wars, it was common for elite trooper to customize their vessels with elaborate design, such as this. With heavy armor and a class 1/5 hyperdrive, the ARC-170 is equally suited for both long-range patrols or aggressive assault missions.
Star Wars Titanium Series

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